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VR GROW model VR-10000 patented trimmer, quality assurance, easy and fast operation. The trimmer is efficient, fast and effective, offer precision trim, lightweight and not tiring. The blade is titanium coated, which can reduce the accumulation of plant sap, grease, etc., while increasing the wear resistance of the blade. The blade design is blunt, won't hurt your hands easily, easy to carry and operate. Three lithium polymer batteries fully charged can be used for one day, the lithium polymer battery has a boost and voltage regulation function, will not reduce the strength and speed due to the reduction of power, encounter hard objects stuck will be powered off self-protection, will not overheat and damage the motor.


product guarantee: motor is guaranteed within 18 months of purchase!


How to use: Press and hold for three seconds to turn on the power, the indicator light turns blue, click to turn on, and then click to turn off.  Press and hold for three seconds to turn off the power. If you do not turn off the power for about ten minutes, it will automatically turn off the power and enter the shutdown state.


Cleaning Method: Wipe the blade with alcohol or W-40, you can also remove the blade to clean, Do not soak the trimmer in alcohol.

VR GROW VR-10000 wireless recharging Electric leaf trimmer (for wet trim)

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